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So are we. Stoked Oats was founded by athletes committed to making the best breakfast possible to fuel all aspects their lives, be it athletically or professionally. In fact, Stoked Oats founder Dr. Simon Donato is one of Canada’s top ultra-endurance athletes, author of the Boundless Life, and host of the television show Boundless - which takes him to gruelling ultra endurance events around the globe - and Stoked Oats has fuelled him in his training and racing every step of the way!


Thank you to all athletes who submitted sponsorship applications for 2018. The application period has now closed and we will be notifying all athletes selected to join the team by late January. 


Stoked Oats is committed to supporting athletes from grass roots to elites, and provide our sponsored athletes with a healthy supply of oatmeal and other goodies through year. If you think you have what it takes to race for the big tractor, we’d love to hear from you. Before you apply though,


here is what we are looking for in our athletes:


  1. You compete in the spirit of fair play

  2. You avoid the use of banned substances

  3. You conduct yourself in a positive and supportive manner to other competitors, staff, volunteers, and observers - both on and off of the race course

  4. You have a strong social media following, and are active on one or more of the following: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

  5. You compete regularly -  be it locally, regionally, or internationally

  6. You are involved in your sport at a community level and share the love

  7. You are a Canadian living and training in Canada - we love our American neighbours but aren’t selling there just yet!

  8. If you think this sounds like you, please fill in the form - we’d love to hear from you. The submission deadline for 2018 sponsorship is December 31, 2017. Athletes selected to receive sponsorship can expect to hear from us in  January 2017.

  9. For more details on how you can get involved with our winning team, download and fill out our Athlete Profile and email to Simon@stokedoats.com