Our Mission


At Stoked Oats, we put the health of our customers and the planet first, without compromising on the delicious taste of our finely crafted oatmeal. Our gluten-free, non-GMO project verified oats are all-natural, preservative free, and are never sprayed with pesticides or glyphosate, keeping chemicals away from our customers and out of the environment. We are proud to source our oats from family farmers in Saskatchewan and Alberta, who use sustainable farming practices that rely on rain-only to water the oat crops as part of our Grain from Rain™ water saving commitment. 


We are working hard to offer more gluten free, organic products. Our 960 g Mountain Maple oatmeal blend sold in Costco stores is formulated with gluten free, organic certified ingredients. In January 2021 we are launching our 810 g Run of the Mill Quick and Rolled oats, which are unblended gluten free organic oats. 

Grain from Rain™  Commitment

Nearly 100% of the oats in our blends are grown using rain-water.  Our family farmers do not irrigate from wells or rivers, saving valuable water and helping to keep our rivers and water-table healthy.

Prioritizing Local

We utilize local, Canadian and North American ingredients wherever possible. We are proud to support Canadian farmers, as 100% of our oats are grown in Canada. We use Alberta grown flax, Quebec sourced maple, Washington State apples, and California currants, walnuts, and almonds. Our production facilities are located in Calgary and Toronto, and we even source our cardboard boxes from a Canadian manufacturer. Our recyclable pouches are sourced from Canadian vendors when possible. We know that as important as it is to be able to sell fairly priced products, it's equally important to keep North American workers working.

Climate POSITIVE+ Carbon Negative By 2025

We have committed to optimizing our distribution network, reducing our emissions, and offsetting our emissions that are unavoidable, so that we can be carbon negative by 2025. We use Gold Standard Carbon Credits to offset our emissions that are 100% additional and offer secondary development and social benefits beyond carbon. Gold Standard Carbon Credits are considered the most rigorous climate standard in the world. For more information, please visit:


Healthy Ingredients

Our oat blends are thoughtfully crafted with wholegrain superfoods, and healthy, all-natural ingredients, to make you feel your best and stoked about life every day.

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