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43 countries.
9 broken bones.
0 regrets.
Always Push Forward.

Walking away from his comfortable life as a white-collar geologist, Simon Donato has traveled thousands of human-powered miles across the globe—from the frigid tundra of Iceland to the searing heat of the Sahara. In The Boundless Life, Donato shares the highs and lows of this journey—where you’re tested in the most primal of ways, where every mile gained is earned (and the odds are rarely in your favor), and where, sometimes, getting out alive is the definition of success. Race after race, adventure after adventure, the trappings of daily life are stripped away and you’re forced to refocus on what really matters: How do you find the right team? How do you overcome your fear of success? How can you dig deeper? Often, it comes down to one simple question: Do you stand still or move forward?

Adventurous, ambitious, and competitive, Simon Donato is the driving force behind the hit television series Boundless. With a PhD in geology, Donato has traveled extensively to race and explore the planet. When not testing the limits of his body, he also runs his oatmeal company, Stoked Oats, and Adventure Science. Adventure Science collaborates with industry, governments, and researchers to conduct discovery expeditions, map uncharted territory, and contribute to search-and-rescue missions around the world. a Fellow International of the Explorers Club and a member of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows, Donato splits his time between Canmore, Alberta, and his Long Trek Ranch in Sheenboro, Quebec. He lives with his wife and his dog, Gertie the #adventuretank.

Boundless Life: 13 Lessons Learned the Hard Way