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Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Regenerative organic agriculture is like the smart, little bit rebellious, and undeniably good-looking approach to farming (if you’re into soil like that). It's about kicking synthetic inputs to the curb and embracing cover crops, boosting soil health and biodiversity, taking on climate change one field at a time.

Regenerative agriculture is where soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness team up. It takes organic farming as its starting point and layers on rigorous standards, with practices like diverse cover cropping, smart crop rotations, minimal soil disturbance, and the exclusion of synthetics. It's not just about growing food; it's about growing a future. This approach draws on age-old wisdom, knitting together the well-being of our ecosystems, our farmers, and, ultimately, our own well-being.

Join us on this audacious oat odyssey with Stoked Oats. We’re not just playing the grain game; we’re changing it. By 2025, we plan to be carbon negative, and climate positive, so our oats fuel your adventures and give a fist bump to our awesome planet.

Stoked Oats


At Stoked Oats, we put the health of our customers and the planet first, without compromising on the delicious taste of our finely crafted oatmeal. Our gluten-free, non-GMO project verified oats are all-natural, preservative free, and are never sprayed with pesticides or glyphosate, keeping chemicals away from our customers and out of the environment. We are proud to source our oats from family farmers in Saskatchewan and Alberta, who use sustainable farming practices that rely on rain-only to water the oat crops as part of our Grain from Rain™ water saving commitment.

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Meet Shannon Knibbs!

Farm Location: Griffin, Saskatchewan

Shannon grew up on a Canadian farm with her parents and two sisters. When she graduated, she moved away from the farm to work, but eventually, she decided to move back and continue the family farm. Since then, Shannon has expanded the family business, currently owning 11 quarters of land and, and renting her parents' 11 quarters as well (about 3,500 acres in total, all organic!).
Shannon loves farming and golfing. Her favorite thing about being a fairly new organic farmer is the community it has brought, “I have relied on my organic neighbors for coaching and advice. It's reassuring to know I can call on any one of them for their opinion. Likewise, if asked, I am 100% willing to help my organic neighbors as well.”

Meet Connie Martin
at Yankee Valley Farms!

Farm Location: Shellbrook, Saskatchewan

Connie has been interested in farming from a young age as it is her family business. She chose to start organic and gluten-free farming because she values the health of the planet and its people.

When Connie isn’t farming, she loves outdoor activities, fishing, packing lunches and going on picnics. Her favorite thing about farming is being able to eat the food she grows, knowing it is high quality, safe, and nutritious.

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Meet David Katernych!

Farm Location: Richard, Saskatchewan

David has been interested in farming his entire life. After university, his grandmother sold him a quarter section of land (640 acres), and his farm has grown ever since. David chose organic and gluten-free farming because he is interested in growing not just a commodity, but food for his community.

David loves playing sports with his 3 kids. He feels that the most challenging aspect of farming is climate change, as erratic weather and climate make every year an adventure. His favorite thing about farming is being proud of the food he grows and knowing that he is feeding other families. He is excited to share his knowledge and passion for farming with his kids, as they grow older and are becoming interested in learning more.

Meet Paul Driedger at
Natural Grown Farms

Farm Location: La Crete, Alberta

Paul first became interested in farming because of the great lifestyle it brings. He was working long hours at a stressful job, and longed for the peace of growing his own crops. He chose to start organic and gluten-free farming because he likes everything natural and chemical-free.

When Paul isn’t farming, he loves being in the outdoors. His favorite thing about farming is knowing that he produces top quality and healthy products.

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Meet Wayne Omelchuk at
Omelchuk Farms!

Farm Location: Stenen, Saskatchewan

Wayne grew up on the farm he now runs and can remember always loving living and working on the farm – from fixing equipment to working in the field. He started working on the farm as a teenager, and he started to farm his own land in 2002. He chose to start organic farming because he has young children and wanted to eliminate exposure to chemicals to his family. He has seen the effects of how he eats on his personal health, he is concerned about the increasing control chemical companies have over agriculture, and he is concerned about farmers losing control over the seed supply with patents now being on certain seeds, along with possible health issues in regards to these crops.

Wayne loves sports, camping, reading and farming! His favorite thing about farming is seeing a crop grow without the use of chemicals. He pays more attention now to the environment around me and sees God’s hand in creating life and how He provides all we need to sustain life.

Meet Andrew Chupik at
Chupik Farms!

Farm Location: Danbury, Saskatchewan

Andrew grew up on Chipuk Farms, and took over the family business when his dad passed away at age 18. He chose to start organic farming because he cares about the health of the land, soil, and food he creates.

When Paul isn’t farming, he loves fishing and watching wildlife. His favorite thing about farming is knowing that the farming organic oats improves the land and is low impact, not needing to irrigate or use water other than rainfall.

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Meet Ralph Pedersen at
Sweetwater Organics!

Farm Location: Star City, Saskatchewan

Ralph grew up farming with his dad. He explored working in other fields, and then came back to the family business in his mid-20's. He has been in organic farming since 1998.

When Paul isn’t farming, he loves horseback riding and playing golf. His favorite thing about organic farming is knowing that he is improving the soil with compost, cover crops, inter-cropping, biologicals, and micro teas. He has seen a big improvement in the last 6 years in soil and plant health.

Meet Ken Lefebvre at Ken
Lefebvre Farms!

Farm Location: Carrot River, Saskatchewan

Ken grew up farming with his father. He became interested in organic farming, as he realized there was a growing market for certified organic grains. Conventional farming was getting more dependent on chemicals to the point that the only solution to weed and insect control was higher concentrations of chemicals, which in turn relates to higher concentrations of chemicals in our food and water supply.

Ken loves horses, flying, and snowmobiling. His favorite thing about organic farming is being able to produce viably without the use of chemicals.

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Meet Trevor Klippenstine
at TTK Farms!

Farm Location: Avonlea, Saskatchewan

Trevor became interested in farming watching his father and grandfather. When he graduated, he worked with his dad and Grandpa and slowly started buying land of his own. He started organic farming in order to be part of a healthy change.

Trevor loves camping, boating, and football. His favorite thing about organic farming is watching the oats grow and how clean his fields are.

Meet Bill Siemens
at Autumn Gold Farms

Farm Location: La Crete, Saskatchewan

Bill grew up farming, and wanted to keep the family tradition alive. He chose to farm organically to keep the soils, planet, and water table healthy. He loves producing strong, healthy crops without the use of chemicals.

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Meet Alfonse and Leuraunt
Trach at Traczholm Angus

Farm Location: Mikado, Saskatchewan

Traczholm Angus is a fourth generation farm that was established in 1907, growing oat, yellow blossom clover, brome grass and alfalfa crops. Alfonse was interested in farming from a young age, as he was brought up on the family farm, working alongside his father. Leuraunt also grew up on a family farm, before attending the University of Saskatchewan and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2010, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2018.

Alfonse and Leuraunt started organic farming because they were concerned about the potential health consequences of conventional farming. In the area surrounding their farm, they started to notice a lack of insects, birds and animals, and wondered if this was due to the chemicals used in conventional farming. They believe that organic farming is the best way to reduce these risks to wildlife, the general population, and farmers.