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Nutrient-Dense superfoods to make you Stoked.
Made with everything you want, and nothing you don’t!

no to low added sugar
plant based
No preservatives or flavoring additives
high in natural protein
Grain from Rain™
Gluten Free


I am a big fan of oatmeal and Stoked Oats fully delivers! Super high quality, full of real food pieces with a hint of sweetness, makes this a perfect hearty and healthy meal. I can’t wait for the single serves so I can take them everywhere!

-Jennifer Carlson, Co-founder & CEO Baby Gourmet Foods

My kids love it, I love it and it's made post-run breakfast a lot heartier and healthier!

-Joseph Gray, American World Champion Runner

Oatmeal has always been one of my favorite foods to power long days in the mountains or in the office. But let's be honest, not all oatmeal is created equally. Most products these days are full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Enter Stoked Oats- an all-natural, organic oatmeal that is seriously delicious. If you're looking for a fast, delicious, and healthy breakfast option to sustain yourself for the better part of the day, I can't recommend this product enough!

-Mike Chambers, American Professional Mountaineer & CEO, Moonbeam

Oatmeal is the original superfood and it remains the best performance breakfast. Stoked Oats is hands down the best tasting and highest quality oatmeal that I have used! I also really value the company's commitment to using the highest quality, local ingredients, as well as their commitment to sustainability and the environment, all of which helps protect the wild spaces I like to play in.

-Adam Campbell, Canadian National Champion Athlete

The best oats I've ever had! Breakfast doesn't have to be a hassle to prepare. @stokedoats have so much protein and goodness in just a 1/3 cup. As a student with no time to waste, I can feel full for hours after making myself a quick bowl of these oats (ready in two minutes). Always tastes amazing!

-Canadian runner and kickboxer, Marisa Forest

I love eating Stoked Oats because when I eat them before running, I have sustained energy for my 6+ mile journeys! Aphrodisi-oats is my favorite - it tastes like warm, chocolate chip cookie dough, but without the high levels of sugar or added flavorings or junk. Stoked Oats keeps me full and satisfied no matter what my day has in store. Plus, no sugar crash!

-Joe Martin, American Adventure/Endurance Athlete & Award-winning Lifeguard

I had Stoked Oats every morning at the TransRockies Run. Now I can enjoy it at home 🥰 Totally love everything about the oatmeal - organic, gluten free, heart healthy, plant based, preservative free, non gmo, nutrient dense, company philosophy and cool names for the products!! Thank you!!

-Esther Joo Streit, Mom of 3 & Ultra-Endurance Runner

Oats are the what I have for breakfast most days, and especially before I head out riding. A big bowl of Stoked Oats is all I need to fuel me for my rides. I’m 220 lbs. and need a lot of energy — Stoked Oats always does the trick! They prioritize environmental sustainability, sourcing ingredients from family farms, and are awesome people.

-Dan Scheuerman, Owner/ Operator First Descent Marketing, Athlete at Hardtail Canada

Stoked Oats give me all the plant based fuel I need to take on all my adventures. I love their delicious, gluten-free, organic, nutrient-dense blends, and their support of ethical local farming. Breakfast is solved for me and my family!

-Madi Serpico Whalen, Mother & Pro Triathlete

Oats have been an ongoing go-to breakfast for awhile now, spicing it up a little with stoked oats is just the start. The people who own it really lead by example when bringing the stoke, and celebrate the community rocking it in the wild. Nothing but quality, and that’s way more than I can ask for in something that starts my day.

- Mia Klause Canadian Mountaineer & Barista

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